Q1. Is there a Mac, Linux or PDA version?
A1. There are different versions of PanelSys that run under Microsoft's desktop operating systems (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, ME, 98 SE, NT, Windows 2000 and DOS). I'll consider developing it for other platforms if you register your interest...

Q2. Can PanelSys track the value of my comics for insurance purposes?
A2. Yes. And it's easy to update the data on an ongoing basis.

Q3. Can the program work out what comics I need to buy without me having to laboriously enter new data?
A3. Yes! Once set up for a series, the Wants List is self-maintaining. It'll helpfully wipe comics off your Wants List as you check them in!


Q1. How do I know if I'm running the latest build/version/release?
A1. Look for the Version and "Build" numbers on your "About" screen/form. Compare these numbers with the latest version 4.n release on the Downloads page.
Note: the final release of PanelSys v2.1 was build 0213 and for PanelSys v3.1 it was build 0311.

Q2. Can I upload all of my PanelSys For DOS data into the latest Windows version?
A2. Yes, use the "Data Conversion Wizard" on the Utilities menu.

Q3. Is there a free evaluation version of the program that I can try?
A3. Yes, visit the Downloads page of this site.

Q4. Do I have the right hardware to run the program?
A4. All modern Windows computers will be able to run the program with ease. To test it out, try running the free trial on your computer.

Q5. How can I improve identification of series in my comic collection?
A5. Put the first year of publication in brackets after the series names.

Q6. I purchased your software and wonder how I ever managed my collection without it! How much will future enhancements (ie. new "Builds" of version 4) cost me?
A6. Builds (fixes and tweaks) are free to registered version 4 users. Major version upgrades are chargeable eg. going from v3.1 to v4 etc. Simply download the latest Build of the version you are licenced to use and install it over the top of your current build. Your data will be preserved.

Q7. I've got a huge comic collection! Will it take me long to enter my comics in the database and get the program to control my Wants List?
A7. There is a "clone comic" feature which will let you create ranges of comics quickly. However, you only really need to enter the names of your currently subscribed series and some "Wants" to get up and running pretty much straight away. Check-in your other comics when you get time.

Q8. Can the database hold details of my action figures, books, cards and other comic related collectibles?
A8. Yes, at a push, but it is primarily designed for logging comic and magazine details.

Q9. How do I restrict the program to only showing me (say) mini series?
A9. On the Series form click on the "Filter" button on the toolbar, select "mini series" from the "Type" dropdown list and click on the "Filter" button again. The mini series are shown on the "Find" page. To clear the filter, simply click on the Filter button once more. Note: The series criteria already in place will be respected, allowing you to carry out sophisticated filtering.

Q10. How do I print summary reports showing only mini-series?
A10. Choose the Summary report and pick the "Advanced SQL-Designer" criteria option. Select the field "Type", operand "=", enter "M" and close the form to view the report.

Q11. Can _qsql prefixed files (left after accidently switching the PC off!) be deleted?
A11. Yes - if the program is not running.

Q12. I have copied all of my collection data files and program to a new folder (for testing purposes). I cannot see the data in the Series form. How do I fix this?
A12. Exit from the program, edit the "Panelsys.ini" file using a simple text editor such as Notepad.exe and change any paths to point to the correct PanelSys folder.

Q13. Why am I seeing a message like "Your free trial has finished"?
A13. You have a trial "Licence4.Pro" file left hanging around from a previous v4 trial and you will need to rename it to "Licence4.Pro_old".

Q14. I am seeing an error message that includes the words "Encrypted files not supported". What should I do?
A14. Exit from the program, edit the "PanelSys.ini" file using a simple text editor such as Notepad.exe and change the dbsystem path to point to the correct PanelSys folder. This was resolved in PanelSys v3 build 0306.

Q15. Is it worth upgrading to the latest version?
A15. Yes, it contains many improvements and bug fixes. Have a look at the Revision History to see what's changed.

Q16. Will the program work for non-UK users?
A16. Yes. It configures date formats using your computer's default country settings. Also see the PanelSys online Help system for 'Date' if you wish to override this.



Q1. How do I get rid of the licence agreement that is displayed when starting PanelSys For DOS version 1.9?
A1. Simply rename the file Licence.TXT to Licence.DOC

Q2. Will you continue to improve the DOS version?
A2. No. Please consider upgrading to the feature-packed Windows version.

Q3. Is there a free version of the DOS program that I can try?
A3. Yes, visit the Downloads page of this site.

Q4. How do I know if I'm running the latest release?
A4. Look for the version number on the "Main" form. The final version was 1.9.

Q5. Can the DOS version of the database store cover scans?
A5. No. You'll need to upgrade to the Windows version for this feature.

Q6. If I purchase the latest Windows version of PanelSys, will I have to type in my comics all over again?
A6. No. It's a very easy automated process to convert and transfer your collection data into the Windows database format. Simply choose the "Data Conversion Wizard" option on the PanelSys (Windows version) Utilities menu.