Hello and welcome to the PanelSys Web Site! In case you don't know, PanelSys is a comic collectors (PANELologists) database SYStem for keeping track of prized comic collections.

As a keen collector, you will have probably found yourself surrounded by boxes and boxes of comics. You have probably started to keep a record of your issue numbers in a notebook. And another list of comics you need to fill annoying gaps. However, making hand-written adjustments to this after buying stuff has made it messy. Now you want to upgrade your low grade comics. It will take a long time to leaf through every page of your notebook. You need to know how much you spent on graphic novels. You want to know how many comics you have by a certain publisher. You need to know which boxes your favourite comics are in. What variant covers do you own? When were they published? When did they gain value? Did you bag them?...and now you need another list for your insurer... Argh!  You need to control your collection. You need PanelSys....

FREE 28-DAY TRIAL! You can try before you buy! Download PanelSys to see how it makes keeping track of your collection fun. The program can keep comprehensive details of your entire collection, store cover artwork, search and produce many types of report (including the ever important Wants List). It can extract data for spreadsheet analysis. It even has an on-line Comic Guide. How can you possibly manage your prized Marvel/DC/Indie/mag/card collection without it?

EVOLUTION! Found something in the program that you think can be improved? Want to suggest a new feature? Email me or visit the PanelSys Users Group on Google!

Site last updated: 9th Oct 2019